Non NHS Fees

Detailed below is a list of our current charges for services that are not provided on the NHS

If you have any questions about these services, or the charges that we have set, please contact our reception team who will be happy to help you. We have added some frequently asked questions to this page which you may find helpful.

To arrange an appointment for any of these services please speak to our reception team


Payment Method Cash/Cheque
Service Fee
Housing needs report £20.00
Emergency Treatment Under the Road Traffic Act * £21.30
Private sick note / return to work note £16.50
School attendence letter £18.00
Insurance reports £100.00
Private medical report  for health insurance claims simple £16.50
Private medical report for health insurance claims detailed £40.00
Holiday travel cancellation form simple £16.50
Holiday travel cancellation form detailed £40.00
Accident Insurance detailed (no exam) £124.50
Accident Insurance proforma report (20mins) £83.50
Accident Insurance extract from records up to £62.5
Accident Insurance short report £16.50
International vaccination certificate (Men C for Saudi) £35.00
SAR Free
Solicitors copies of notes £10 Admin
 + 50p per copy
Driving licence medical exam and report £80.00
Fostering Medical + report Fostering company to pay
DWP report £33.50
DVLA report £39.00
CICA report £39.00
Occ Health report £50.00
Ofsted Report £20.00
Police report £50.00