Out of Hours

Accessing Services Outside Opening Hours and Alternative Care Providers

The Omnia Practice is open between 8:30am and 8pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday and until 6.30 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you need further Emergency care there are a number of providers which should be able to help out until the surgery is open again.

NHS 111

Details on NHS 111 is available by following this link :- NHS 111

NHS Walk-in / Urgent Care Centres

These are useful centres where you can be treated for a range of minor illnesses or injuries. The Urgent Care Centre, based at Washwood Heath Health Centre on Clodeshall Road in Saltley, provides a walk in, no appointment service. The centre will see, treat and give advice for a wide range of minor illnesses and injuries, such as cuts, strains, sprains and other minor injuries and illnesses on site. The centre is open 9am to 6.30pm every day except Thursday and Fridays, with plans to extend the opening times soon. People can also use the Urgent Care Centre in Warren Farm, which is based on Warren Farm Road, Kingstanding and is open 8.30am to 7.30pm every day

Who should attend? The Urgent Care Centre will see, treat and give advice for a wide range of minor illnesses and injuries, including: Tonsillitis / throat infections, Chest infection, Mild asthma, Conjunctivitis/ eye problems, Cough, Abdominal pain, Minor injury, Burns and cuts, Ear infection and Emergency contraception.


If we are closed and you need to see a doctor urgently you can phone the Badger Service on 0121 766 2100 out of hours.

Please be advised that this is an emergency service for matters that cannot wait until the practice is open. Matters that are not an emergency/urgent will be refused by the BADGER service

When should I go to Accident and Emergency?

If you are injured or seriously ill, you should go, or be taken, to A and E or call 999 in an emergency. This includes: loss of consciousness, pain that is not relieved by simple pain killers, rapid-onset confusion, persistent, severe chest pain, or breathing difficulties.